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Les Quarts d’Heure Management en anglais : Top 10 des thèmes les plus demandés par les entreprises Janvier 2014


Developing cooperation within a team

Collective intelligence, the multiplier of individual intelligences, a "tool" for resolving problems and for developing creativity... every manager's ambition for his organization?
Let others do their work in order to truly manage

What is more satisfying than the feeling of mastering something? Feeling in your element, mastering your subject … and then, to drop this comfort for the job of manager, is sometimes to feel, at least at first, deprived, almost useless.
Encouraging co-workers to take charge of their careers

Do managers have a role to play in their co-workers' career advancement? Of course they do: in helping them to develop their skills, in proposing possible opportunities...
Encouraging initiatives

We think ourselves generally open to welcoming new ideas, and encourage the taking of initiative... but how to react when ideas don't go in the directions we expect?
Setting a goal that will motivate the team

"Another goal to set? But we're already drowning in goals!"
However, this one, because it engages the entire team, will be of a different nature.
Speaking about points of friction with your boss

We know that leaving things unsaid can often corrode relationships. Nonetheless, we may keep putting off the moment when it will become necessary to formulate what needs to be said, in order to continue communicating and working together.
Allow people to make mistakes

It is admitted that to err is human … but not in your team!!! It's difficult to accept that things are not going as we want them to.
The annual evaluation: reviewing goals reached and missed

What is the most important thing in the annual evaluation? "To make an assessment and to identify what can be improved," some would say! Perhaps, but not only that.
Zen manager : a filter for pressure

Are you under pressure? It's so natural, so human, to try to share that pressure or try to get rid of it ! It's human but, of course, it's also counterproductive and damaging because .....

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